Shape Divider

motion picture - enviromental - private eye - rapid lens

The digital camera serves me as a medium for exploring and examining my world through the eyes of a painter.
I am not concerned with the reproduction of reality, not with the object, but with the views that constitute, represent and shape our perception of reality.

.Here I use the technical conditions of digital photography, which makes the representation of what I see appear blurred and fleeting from the movement. In this respect, the photographic images produced in this way are also an expression of the fragmentation, segmentation and interpretation of our perception.In these photographic works, the traces of the photographic act made visible in this way contain the movement of the gaze, the fleeting perception of everyday surroundings and the objects to be found there, which are captured by the moving camera.At the same time, the result achieved through this procedure shows the type and speed, the rhythm of the movement.The “image” created in this way requires the viewer to register analogies and differences in experience and to compare them with their own experience and viewing habits.

Lichtbilder/Light Paintings

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