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The present photo works have their origins in video clips.
The fact that the photos look more like paintings or drawings is due to the files being played back on outdated hardware.
This obsolete technique is only "insufficient" for the accurate display of the high-resolution files.

The term "time window" is also known in colloquial usage as a designation for "period/period of time".
In this series, the photograph documents the refraction of light in window panes at different times of the day, allowing the passage of time to be experienced in the different reflections of the house facade opposite and what is happening on the street in front of the building.

These series of photos bear witness to abandoned places, industrial halls and factory buildings.
We find in them the traces of the history of their use by the people working there before leaving the dwellings.
At the same time, there are signs of the decay of the architecture and the destruction caused by visitors who take possession of the rooms, e.g. through graffiti, which show traces of this procedure.


Inside and outside
perception and reality
time and space

In this series, the photograph documents the "right" eye - view
and (stationary) location of perception and thus reveals aspects of the world around us that often escape from our "everyday" attention.

The digital camera serves me as a medium for exploring and examining my world through the eyes of a painter.
I am not concerned with the reproduction of reality, not with the object, but with the views that constitute, represent and shape our perception of reality.

Lichtbilder/Light Paintings

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