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... if colors could celebrate, here they do in Lisa Lyskava's pictures

Exhibition at Schloss Opherdicke, Unna, June to August 1992

WDR Radio Dortmund, June 12, 1992

 ... If colors can celebrate, here they do in Lisa Lyskava's paintings. All hell is loose in the wide, bright rooms on the first floor of the museum:Splash – an exuberant violet has spread across the big screen and is now shooting from below straight towards the center of the picture. Their color rivals, orange and yellow, can hardly keep up – first getting annoyed by green, then blue and finally lounging around in scattered spots. But - who is that - a deep, thickly applied dark blue has approached the emerging violet from the right - and, as soon as the two have touched, they are already inflamed fiery red for each other. Who would have thought that, completely contrary to color theory.

 There, finally, the blue-violet couple is romantically immersed in the deep red. 

But already it goes on over bumpy mountains of colour, but here – Red has to admit that palely now – it's over: Cracked and jagged it ebbs away in the bluish gorges.But then red thunders down again from above, gets the curve in front of the mountains in a sporty way and dives with a blue trail to the left under a yellow blanket that lolls around lazily.Red still peeps out here and there in fibrous form – but then loses its orientation completely. It draws wide circles like its color comrades and mingles with the colorful people.An experience for the eyes. “Solo” is the name of the picture in which a whole palette of colors has been swirled onto the canvas in wild mixtures. Not only the solo of the wide main line is worth seeing, which looks like a dancing person from a distance - so are the countless color gradients and breaks. The picture constantly seems to balance between brightly colored chaos and exciting color dynamics.

None of the 74 works on display appears to be random: no one here just emptied their paint box and put it in the mixer. Lisa Lyskava deals with her pictures like a director with her actors: She knows about the individual qualities, draws them out and stages an interaction that primarily benefits the play and its subject. Not a game for the sake of playing...The autodidact Lyskava paints moods, especially extreme emotional experiences, situations, dreams. In doing so, she reduces the environment to color events, play of shapes and structures that transport these moods:In the picture "Roller Coaster" scattered colors cavort on yellowish - pink canvas. A broad and restless brushed violet seems to vibrate just like the carriage on the rails, bright yellow and fiery red chase each other to spray like sparks from a rapid cornering and a bright red floats in bizarre shapes on the canvas, as light as a feather.In addition to canvases, the painter also uses wafer-thin paper, fabric and corrugated cardboard - crumples, cuddles and glues the materials together. In the picture “Anxiety and Hope” she glues a figure that seems to be stuck, stuck, like the pinched paper. A figure unable to show its facets, only fading a sickly orange.People and their moods - ups and downs are always the focus.The painter does not need any well-known actors.Your own, the colors, are so interesting that even after looking at them for a long time, they are still good for artistic surprises.


Ralph Erdenberger, Cologne


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