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Artist’s Statement

For me, painting is a state of reflection on human existence.The creative process - a journey with an unknown outcome. The beginning: a colour, a line of color that imprints a trace of my path on the canvas. Colours and forms condense here, which then themselves become the starting point for the next phase in the creation of the picture. This is the formal side of the creative process that develops, guided by my thematic guidelines: dealing with time, consciousness, memory and social reality.

Working on a picture is always researching and examining the traces that - not just visual – everyday life experience leave behind in the picture. The image becomes the means and object of reflection on the world that encloses my perception. I don't want to tell any stories. Rather, it is about exploring, activating and mobilizing seeing and thinking. It is about potentials and impulses that open the viewer's access to the awareness of the latent, to culturally and biographically shaped fragments of memory that evoke their individual experience of the painting.The act of painting is therefore about the structuring of colour and form relationships, i.e. also about the structuring of the viewing process itself.The abstract depiction brings with it a degree of ambiguity that challenges the viewer as the protagonist to develop the meaning of the picture. In this way, the images become mirrors - an invitation to mobilize the subjective - an invitation to come into custody through one's own perception.The work complex of the "calligraphically reduced" works is the bundling and concentrated expression of the "flow" experienced while painting: A space is created for a phase of contemplation, then the highest tension of the movement impulses generated during painting. The creative process and the result brought forth on the screen are reflections of the very "here and now - being", just as the carefully executed striking of a bell already carries the sound of the metal within itself.For me, painting is the release of energy. Music is the space in which the act of painting is charged with rhythm and movement. Painting – a pas de deux. Color is the medium that gives shape to my experience, my perception.

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